Hello world!

“Hello World!”… That would be the appropriate title for the first post of this weblog bearing in mind that my daughter Anna Grace Leavesley  was born only 2 days ago.  I am sure that throughout her lifetime she will be an inspiration to my passion to become a better photographer.  My 3 1/2  year old son Tom also seems to be following in my footsteps and is fast learning to use my digital camera.   I have been trying to  teach him the mechanics and intricacies of auto-focusing by taking him to  various South African Game Reserves to shoot wildlife photographs. Though I am nervous that he may drop my camera, it is priceless to see such excitement on his face, when he can instantly see what he has produced.  Let’s hope that he  eclipses me in the creativity stakes. which should not be difficult!

This Weblog is dedicated to my landscape panoramic photography with a bit of  wildlife imagery thrown in for good measure.

I will over the course of time place some of my favorite images on the weblog and details on how and where I captured the images.

 Enjoy and do feel free to add comments and criticism

Cheers for now




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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Adrian Wayte

    Dear Phil,
    My name is Adrian Wayte, I live in perth Western Australia and I am attending the next work shop by chrisitan fletcher. I also have a wordpress blog,
    wayte27.wordpress.com, have a look, My first series is macro images but will follow up with landscape work,if you wish I will add your wordpress blog to my links so others can see landscapes of south africa.
    Christian could certainly expose himself to the international market, maybe I could do his marketing for him and carry his bags to south africa.
    Great to read your blog, hope your addition to the family is well
    regards Adrian

  2. Hi Adrian
    Greetings from sunny SA? I have no obljection to you adding a link to your wordpess though am not sure it is up to scratch as yet but will give me an incentive to get some photos and blogs loaded. Due to so few visitors to this site I have let it slide. My daugter is now 6 months old. Macro photography is someting I do not get to do often and certainly not mastered as requires a real slowing down and taking in of what is out there in the microspcopic world…a whole new eye is needed. I occasionally use extension tubes on a fast prime lens as do not have a dedicated macro lens. If you are ever in SA do come and meet up. Though a legal advisor for a broadcaster by day, my real passion is photography. In fact I packed my landrover last night for a weekend camping and photo trip to the scenically spectacular Pilanesberg National park, a game reserve developed from an old meteor carter (say 60km x 60km in size)…it has the big 5 and is only 2 hours from Johannesburg so very convenient for teachng my 4 year old son how to take photos..hopefully will spot that elesive leopard that has evaded me on the last 5 trips.
    Do keep in contact.


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