Pilanesberg National Park – South Africa – March 2009

I spent the weekend of 8 March at the Pilanesberg National Park in Limpopo Province for my favorite pastime of photography.Though predominantly undertaking wildlife photography I tried to capture a few panos on my Sony DSLR from 6-8 stitched images. All shot at iso 100 adjusted Labsat but otherwise  little else.  Most notable photographs were of a pair of mating lions in early morning light (7 am- 8am) .  At times my 300mm f4 lens was just too big particularly  when at times they were within 3 meters of my landy. A good excuse for that acquistion of a 70-200mm f2.8 or repair of my old one! It is hard to concentrate on driving a 4×4, taking photos of moving subjects, changing lenses  and preventing  my son from climbing out of  the window.  Stupidity prize of the year went to some  tourists  who had climbed onto the roof of their vehicle (no sunroof for quick access) and were no more than 15 m away from the 2 lions.  If only they realised the danger of a  seasoned old amorous male lion, who had battle scars to book, trying to protect his lady. …I have seen lions headbutt cars with pent up angst in the past and those tourists would have been toast.   



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