Favorite Places and the problem with photo archives

Unfortunately the majority of a photographer’s photographs never see the light of day.  I for one, have  over 20000 photos and  find it almost impossible to delete a photo from my hard drive unless it   is technically really bad i.e out of  focus , over exposed.   I guess this is  because we often equate our memorable times with such photos and want to record our lives through the eye of the camera in as much detail as we can recall and not lose any part of our memory.  Perhaps this is  because we see life ticking away slowly and we often want to leave our silent imprint  on the world (or create or retain our memory for our kids when we are not around).  There is certainly nothing like  a photo to jog that memory!  So I have decided that I will over the next few months select some of  my favorite places and photos.  The photos  will not be selected on technical merit since many were taken in my early days as a photographer and there is always room for improvement but some places have such an impact on you that you cannot  but wish to share them with the world..

These pictures are of the Karura  waterall and other smaller waterfalls in the Aberdares National park in Kenya.  The thought of being taken out by a buffalo or a lion whilst catching a trout made this an awesome trip.  I recall standing on the very lip of this  massive waterfall that fell far down into the Jungle…over 400 feet..  catching  a trout in the last  pool  before the drop was an awesome experience!

These images were all shot on slide film- Fuji Velvia 100 in the days before I had a digital camera.  The other  photos include one of the many small waterfalls and pools on the Guru river  teeming with small but wily brown trout.

Just getting here was a major  adventure  as it   required a long trip through jungle, bamboo forest and then moorland  / alpine like conditions on bad roads in a  combi.  Our  guide informed us he had never done such a crazy trip!  Would I return  absolutely.


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One response to “Favorite Places and the problem with photo archives

  1. Shelley Flynn

    Hi Phil

    Long time, no speak!
    What fantastic photos – I still have those ones that you took in our shared garden in Grantchester all those years ago.
    (We won’t mention the Orchard deckchairs)
    I still have plans to come out your neck of the woods on a riding holiday some time in the near future – perhaps you’d be able to recommend somewhere or even show me around.
    Love to Joy (and the kids)
    Shelley x

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