Drakensberg: Lotheni River & Jacob’s Ladder Falls

This part of the  Berg is to my mind one of the remoter and quiter parts of the Drakensberg.  I   just love the Lotheni river valley with its elusive trout (I am yet to catch one in the river though have caught several at Simes Cottage) and the 5 step Jacobs ladder falls are breathtaking as they plunge into clear green pools.    Photographing them in their entirety is difficult as  requires a  large depth of  field on account of the falls cutting   back into the aloe covered mountainside quite  deeply.  Finding  a suitable  postion to  photograph them is  limited.  I have promised to return with climbing gear to  access the top most pools ( and abseil down again). Lotheni will be memorable as was  the location of my first camping trip with my son Tom.  Our tent was destroyed in a  howling icy gale, the poles snapped and ruptured the  nylon roof and we spent two nights sleeping in the golf.  The  camping chairs and tables disappeared down the valley and were recovered the next day (as was  my neigbours tent).  Neither the comfiest nor the warmest night on record as we awoke to snow on the top of the berg !  I can  recommend the thatched chalets at the camp, which have a stunning view down the length of the valley. There is still so much to explore in this area.  Spotting eland on the hills or along the river and watching  black eagles and jackal buzzards reeling overhead make this  a special place!



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