South African Panoramic Photography

We are inundated with beauty in South Africa and it would take  a lifetime to explore it and capture it all with a lens.  Some places I just keep  going back to again and again trying to find that magical light.  Bearing in mind this is only my hobby it is also my dream to undertake this endeavour full time …but for now it just does not pay the bills whereas  being a lawyer does!   These are some of my favorite panoramic (mainly) photographs from the last 3 years.  Some are admittedly crops  from a single image, others are up to 15 images stitched together and many are full size 6 x17 negatives shot on Fuji Velvia 100 and 50 film.  Do  visit our beautiful land and do look me up… I am likely to be out on a weekend in my trusty landrover shooting some remote place.  Till such time as this dream becomes  my fulltime job………..Enjoy!



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  1. Hi Phil

    Cannot believe I stumbled on your photos of TODAY!!!! No wonder you get tired when you are up so early in the morning to download the photos. They are great anyway. Dad

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