A dry wilderness – Kruger National Park November 2016


I spent a quick 4 days with my family in the southern part of the Kruger National Park, camping at Berg en Dal.  It was hot with the mercury reaching 48C on one day, the hottest temperatures I have ever experienced and reaching 43 C on two other days (near Crocodile Bridge).

The Kruger was still in the grip of drought which had continued into spring from the hot dry winter.  Again the Fuji Xt1 and 100-400 (and 1.4x converter) failed to disappoint.  There was  very little water and   virtually no  vegetation for the grazers.  Very sad indeed and the animals looked lean. There would have been quite an impact on species such as hippo which have had to travel far to source grazing. The summer birds were largely back and this was a major highlight of the trip with first time viewings of half-collared and grey headed kingfishers.  Two leopard sightings (one of which I totally messed up in terms of focus and so those photos are courtesy of my son Tom).

Fortunately, the day after returning home, the rain arrived and so I expect it to now be an oasis.  Hopefully the rains will continue to provide much needed relief to this Paradise.

My next trip is in April 2017. Enjoy!


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25,November,2016 · 11:46 am

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