About Phil

Phil Leavesley is a passionate, self taught hobbyist nature and wilderness  photographer, IP lawyer, missionaries’ son, married, father of two, born in Wales and currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He specialises predominantly  in panoramic landscape photography, but he has recently  expanded his repertoire into wildlife, abstract photography, painting with  light and smoke, long exposure and  night time  photography often illuminating his  subjects with various light sources or using the light source as the image itself. He has been fortunate to travel extensively in Europe but his heart  remains in Africa having returned from London 5 years ago to South Africa.  He always  has a camera, and his kids in tow, as he heads out to take photographs in his trusty Land Rover seeking remoteness and getting off the beaten track. He uses traditional film and cutting edge digital technology. More of his work can be  viewed on his blog at https://philogene.wordpress.com.  Please contact his Agent Florence Cross at Artbrand for any queries or commissions or contact Phil directly at philipleavesley@hotmail.com


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